UNA 早期的大学 provides students with the opportunity to earn college course credit as early as their sophomore year of high school.

Students participating for dual credit at a high school with a 双学分协议 may also qualify for UNA 早期的大学 Scholarships of up to $2,500 towards their freshman year of college at UNA.


  1. 完成你的 online application*
  2. Submit your official high school transcript and test scores. (Some courses, like English, Speech, and Math require test scores or placement testing.)
  3. 完成你的 早期的大学 Online Course Request within 您的MyUNA帐户. 点击 在这里 to view a list of courses available to 早期的大学 students. 
  4. You will be registered for your 早期的大学 Course by a member of the UNA Admissions staff.

*Currently enrolled 早期的大学 participants do not need to complete a new application. Students will need to complete an 早期的大学 Online Course Request within their MyUNA account.

Students are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure time for admission and registration. 点击 在这里 to view academic calendars and registration deadlines. 


UNA 早期的大学 Scholarship Opportunity

Students participating in UNA 早期的大学2 could receive additional scholarship funding toward their UNA Scholarship package. Students must apply for admission by 2024年3月1日.

3.6个学分 $1,000
3.00, 12学时 $2,000
3.00, 17学时 $2,500
2 Students in 双学分协议 districts only. These scholarships are awarded for one academic year and are nonrenewable.

Current UNA 早期的大学 Students

  • Current UNA 早期的大学 students do not need to reapply.
  • If you need to enroll for next semester’s dual enrollment courses, you can complete a new 早期的大学 Course Selection form within 您的MyUNA帐户.

  • Students must have a minimum 3.00 unweighted GPA to participate in the UNA 早期大学课程. 
  • “C” average on UNA courses for continued participation in the UNA 早期的大学 program.
  • Course requirements (specific ACT scores, high school courses, etc.) as listed in this catalog.
  • 早期的大学 students (cohort and non-cohort) must meet the same prerequisite requirements for courses that are listed in the most current 大学目录.
  • If a student does not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement, they may apply but will only be eligible to register for UNA 105.
  • Exceptions must be approved by the chair of the department w在这里 the course is housed, 学院院长, and the Vice President for 学术事务 and Provost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
  • How do I access my UNA 门户网站 account?
    • Students will receive their UNA 门户网站 log in information in their UNA 早期的大学 acceptance email. Use the email to log in, or click 在这里 to access the log in page and enter your credentials.
      If you are having issues with your UNA log in, please email helpdesk@cf-power.com. 
  • How do I get registered for a course?
  • How do I access my course?
    • Once you are registered for your course, you will be notified via text and email.  Use your UNA 门户网站 information to access UNA帆布 - UNA's online course assignment platform.
  • Why do I have a hold on my account?
    • Holds are placed on 早期的大学 student accounts to lock in course registrations. In order to drop or withdraw from a class, students must discuss their course changes with their guidance counselor. Once the counselor has approved the withdrawal or course change information, students can email admissions@cf-power.com with the following information to begin the withdrawal/change process:
      • The high school counselor must provide the 早期的大学 student's full name, UNA ID号, 以及课程名称/分组.
      • Please allow 24-48 hours for the request to be processed. Some exceptions may apply.