Ninety-one years ago, our founders knew family farms were worth fighting for. They gathered in solidarity to set policy that would improve life on their family farms and in their communities. We'll continue that legacy — although virtually — as we celebrate Wisconsin Farmers Union's 91st year. 

For the health of our members, we've decided that the 2022 convention will be held virtually. Thanks again to all of our members who participated in a robust virtual policy discussion last year, 是什么导致了WFU成功的一年. We hope to bring that same energy to this virtual convention as we once again hold elections and set the course for 2022. We'll be holding two conventions in 2022 and hope to be able to meet in-person later in the year as we shift to December annual conventions moving forward. 




Enjoy convention from the comfort of home and a reduced registration rate for members:
$20 per delegate or non-delegate family viewing group.

请注意, due to the virtual nature of the event this year, 公司注册截止日期如下:



If you wish to take part in the WFU policy process, please register as a delegate. 16岁以上可以作为代表. All active counties at their annual meeting should have elected delegates who are current on annual dues. Individual members who are members in good standing from active and non-active counties may register as individual delegates to vote their own vote.

每年, members can introduce policy resolutions as “Special Orders of Business,” which are items that are of utmost importance to the organization. This is a way to prioritize issues and signal how WFU should focus advocacy efforts. 今年, our 董事会 of Directors voted to only allow consideration and adoption of Bylaw Changes and Special Orders of Business. 




10 / 11月-分会年会 & 政策讨论.


Dec 1 - Deadline for proposed Special Orders of Business. No new topics will be entertained after this point. 

Dec 9 - The Resolutions Review Committee will review resolutions submitted by the Dec. 1的最后期限. 


Dec 10 - Deadline for WFU board and NFU delegate candidates to submit bios for January WFU 新闻.


Jan 8 - County presidents meet to review proposed policy. 


Jan 14 - Last day to register as a voting delegate to represent your chapter or vote your own vote.


Jan 14 - Deadline for WFU board and NFU delegate candidates to submit bios for delegate mailing.


Jan 28 - Deadline for non-delegate attendee registrations.



  • 以便召开一次虚拟会议, 同时继续我们的重要政策讨论, our 2022 Annual State 公约 is open only to WFU members this year.

  • If you are a chapter delegate who has been selected at your chapter's annual meeting to represent your chapter, please choose  Chapter Delegate (Members Only)Representing a County/Local.

    • If multiple people from your household are acting as representative chapter delegates,  you must each pay $20 and register to receive your access information.

  • If you are an individual delegate who would like to take part in the the Special Orders of Business discussions and 董事会 选举, 而不是被某一章选中, please choose: Individual Delegate (Members Only)Voting My Own Vote.

    • If multiple people from your household are acting as individual delegates, you must each pay $20 and register to receive your access information.

  • If you are not interested taking part as a delegate, but would like to listen to the policy convention, please select Non-Delegate Member/Family/Chapter Group Viewing On One Device (Members Only). 

    • 个人, 家庭, and chapter groups who will be watching on one device should only register once.  If more than 5 attendees in the group, please contact Lynn Bowe at or . 

  • For questions or registration assistance please contact Lynn Bowe by email at 或者打电话到或 .


今年, we will be electing board directors for

  • District 3 (Chippewa, Clark, and Eau Claire Counties)

  • District 5 (Crawford, Grant, Iowa, Rock, Green, Lafayette, Richland, and Vernon Counties)

  • 区8(布朗, 和平的象征, 道奇, 门, 丰迪拉克, 森林, 弗洛伦斯, Kewaunee, Langlade, 马里内特, 马尼托瓦克, 梅诺米尼人, 密尔沃基, Oconto, Outagamie, 品尝, Shawano, 希, 华盛顿, 沃基肖, 和温尼贝戈县)

  • 一份

As  well as 2 delegates to represent WFU at the NFU 公约. 



遵循WFU公约, the board of directors will hold elections for the WFU Executive Committee (President, 副总统, 和秘书).

NFU delegate and WFU board candidates are asked to submit the following to WFU Regional 会员 Coordinator Alicia Razvi at 在指定的截止日期前: 

• Send nominations (with the name as it should appear on the ballot), 一张照片, 以及简短的背景说明, 资格, 等. (最多不超过300字. 在WFU新闻和/或在1月1日前列入10. 14为给代表的通讯. Any paid member may self-nominate or be nominated by a chapter leader.

•在1月之前提交一个3到5分钟的视频. 14 introducing yourself and explaining 资格. The video will be presented to the delegates during the virtual convention. This can be fairly informal and takes the place of candidate speeches that happen during an in-person convention. WFU staff assistance is available for recording the clip, if needed.

Contact the WFU State Office at for more details or Alicia at . 

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In 2022, Wisconsin Farmers Union will be hosting two conventions as we shift to December annual conventions moving forward. As such, we are offering sponsorship packages for two conventions at the price of one!





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